Core Values
The Core Corporate Culture: Teacher Culture the Wiser Is the Teacher; the More Capable the Teacher; Act in Modesty; Training for Excellence

The founders of the New Harmony Unity Corporate Holding Ltd. were mainly students and teachers. Ever since its inception, the New Harmony Union has rooted values of respecting teachers and stressing training. In its course of development, Corporate leaders and workers alike use “the Teacher” as their role models in ethics and development, and view “the Teacher” as the title reserved for respect for those wiser and more capable personnel. Today, the culture of respecting “the Teacher” has become a unique corporate characteristics which fosters and ensures the healthy development of the New Harmony Union Corporate.

  • · “The Teacher” demonstrates the reverence for the Wiser and the More Capable.
  • · “The Teacher” represents the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.
  • · “The Teacher” represents the standards of modest conduct.
  • · “The Teacher” exemplifies the noble tradition of training for excellence.
The Corporate Principles Create Wealth, Advance Employees, Contribute to Society
  • · Creating wealth is the foundation, the prerequisite for advancing employees and contributing to society, hence the starting line. That is to say, while creating material wealth, the Corporate is at the same time creating spiritual wealth; while advancing the current employees, the Corporate is at the same time serving the succeeding generation.
  • · Advancing employees is the responsibility. It is to create opportunities for all employees to increase their knowledge and skills so that they can continually grow and progress. While the Corporate is expanding, it is also giving more responsibilities and opportunities to its employees; while the Corporate is reforming its structures, it is also enabling employees to stand out and to shine, thus creating a vast platform where our employees can work, contribute, and create wealth, spiritual or material.
  • · Contributing to society is the goal as well as responsibility. The Corporate, first of all, sets as its direction, the ecologically responsible development, and pursues the green growth path. Secondly, the Corporate creates job opportunities, trains its personnel, in order to meet the needs of society. Thirdly, the Corporate adheres to harmonious management, actively take on company-citizen responsibility, and support charity projects.
The Corporate Core Values Innovation, Harmony, and Success
  • · The Corporate must innovate in order to survive and progress. Innovation and creativity are the source of competitiveness, and fundamental guarantee of its survival.
  • · Harmony is the source of internal energy and of joint honor. Within our corporation, we believe in equality, care and trust, which not only respects principles, but also advocates mutual forgiveness and compassion. When working with entities and people outside of our corporation, we emphasize honesty and self-control, standardized operation, respect for one another, competition on an equal-footing, thus wins respect and support from local government, society, and our partners.
  • · Success in competition means we thrive in competitiveness. Only when we are able to confront competition, and be brave in spite of complexities can we stand firm in the market economy, as well as in the internal “horse-racing” environment, can we become good in competition and never fail; can we acquire achievements and thrive despite of adversaries.
Corporate Morale Pursue Pragmatism, Innovation, Quality and Efficiency
  • · To pursue pragmatism with firm ground in reality, does not lie in fame, not in form, and is never in quest of anything fake or bogus.
  • · To pursue innovation is, on the basis of pragmatism, to call for innovation, to chase excellence, and to never stop in pursuit of creativity.
  • · To pursue quality believes in perfecting the quality of our products, understanding the essence of everything, so as to foster deep thinking and find patterns with similar culture.
  • · To pursue efficiency entails putting emphasis on efficiency in everything we do from efficient management to efficient marketing.
Management Philosophy Creating Wealth, Maintaining Balance, and Sustainable Progress
  • · Placing “creating value” at the center of decision making demands the positioning of wealth creation and value increase as the foundation of the New Harmony Union Corporate, and our long turn goal as well, hence “Do we create value?” has been our decision making principle of all our business activities.
  • · Employing the strategy of “deliberate and comprehensive planning” in everything we do entails the scientific balance between overall long-term planning and varying needs of specific projects and factors, resulting in avoiding short-sighted decisions or attending to some at the expense of others.
  • · Making “sustainable progress” as the evaluative principle helps us to focus on making sure that our management philosophy, staff conduct, corporate rules, and administrative styles all reflect this principle and are models of sustainable development. As a result, the Corporate has been making steady progress in corporate administration, business management and overall sustainable development.
Employee Code of Conduct Honesty, Focused-mindset, Diligence, and Thrifty
  • · Honesty: honest and trustworthy, responsible and dependable
  • · Focused-mindset: focused devotion and determined accomplishment
  • · Diligence: intelligent thinking and lifelong learning, sustainable perfection
  • · Thrifty: less interests-orientation, more prudence and discretion
Administrative Staff Code of Conduct Modeling, Accountability, Vigilance, and Self-sacrifice
  • · Self-sacrifice: putting the corporate and others before self’s interest with proactive services
  • · Vigilance: persuading with reason and managing with rules
  • · Accountability: braving difficult tasks and innovating with answerability
  • · Modeling: leading by example and honest in serving the public good
Corporate Motto Conduct Oneself With Honesty and Do Everything In a Thorough Manner
Corporate Image Aim High But Firmly-grounded
  • · Aim high: idealistic, moralistic and principled
  • · Firmly-grounded: goal oriented, well planned, and action focused
“Create wealth, advance employees, and contribute to society” in the corporate is the guiding principle. New Harmony Union aligns its corporate principles, core values and management philosophy with social responsibility as its key corporate culture, and has been practicing social responsibility in fulfilling societal needs as a responsible corporate-citizen.