Talent development

“Employee Advancement” is the core of the “Teacher Culture”, and “superior training” is the foundation of the “teacher culture,” and the good tradition of the NHU Corporate. We view talent as the most important resource at NHU, therefore with cultural identity, we create a fair and healthy competitive environment, which is undergoing systemic and continual improvement; we educate, we train, and we make talent of our employees. 

  • College graduates
  • Specialized knowledge and skill training
  • Managerial Talent Development
  • Training on new projects or new sites
HNU provides every new employee, college graduates included, before-job and on-the-job training to acculturate them to the HNU environment in addition to one-on-one mentoring support, which provides basic know-how, company structures and culture, as well as customs of the locality so that new employees can quickly adapt to the culture and work requirements.
HNU attaches great importance to the continual education of its technical employees so as to enhance their capabilities. Measures to this end include annual technical level step-up training programs to enable them to pursue and pass technical level certificate exams, and regular job-skills competitions where people of exceptional abilities can shine and standout. In addition, the company has instigated a promotion system through which employees can get promoted and increased salary through efforts and skill-level improvement.
Creating opportunities for learning and progress is embedded in the HNU’s “Teacher Culture”. The company has the “managerial launch program”, the “managerial reserve program”, and the “managerial talent on-line training program” for the development and support of managerial staff. In addition, every year HNU sends out excellent employees and managers to pursue masters and doctoral degrees in well-known universities, and collaborates with universities to conduct training programs on site, resulting in, in the last three years alone, 2 with doctoral degrees and 37 with masters degrees.
Due to fast development, the company employs the strategy of “training on new projects or new sites”, sending young employees to new projects and/ new sites so that they have to learn on the job and develop through learning to solve practical problems, hence developing and maturing while dealing with everyday issues and problems on site and on the job. Since 2000, HNU has sent over 500 employees to undergo this type of practice and learning experiences.